Integrated Emotion Release addresses the emotional source of trauma using body cues to adjust beliefs, modify cellular memory and rewrite emotional history. Healing follows when positive emotions are strengthened using the energetic heart structure.

Each 3-day training course will teach the experiential understanding of trauma resolution and therapy integration using Integrated Emotion Release.

Judith Edwards is an Emotion Resolution Specialist. She employs a unique approach using clinical psychotherapy as well as a variety of energy therapies. Judith is an experienced therapist and presenter, trained in a number of therapies, specializing in SomatoEmotional Release, with over 20 years of experience.

Proven Effectiveness – Judith designed and developed IER over the past 6 years, in her work with 800 clients, of all ages, primarily Residential School survivors and their family members. Her proven effectiveness efficiently addresses a variety of trauma and health issues. Judith successfully works with discouraged clients and those who have had difficulty speaking and/or explaining themselves.

Integrated Emotion Release Level 1  Integration of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Techniques, Principles and Practices addressing Trauma Resolution

  •  Professional management of client emotional outbursts and reactions
  • Emotion Resolution practices and procedures
  • Opportunity for personal exploration and practice
  • Expanding the connection between healing and counselling
  •  Integration techniques for two therapists
  •  Integration of the participant’s therapeutic approach with IER therapy techniques

Integrated Emotion Release Level 2  Integration and Heart-Centered Trauma Resolution

  • Advanced Emotion Resolution practices and procedures
  • Physical – Psychological Integration - touch options available
  • Opportunity for personal exploration and practice
  • Practice a multi-therapist approach
  • How to use universal principals to strengthen therapy and clinical practice
  • How to access body memory including the significance of the prenatal experience
  • Release of negative energies 

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Registration Cost:  $525.00 (Early Registration Rate), $625.00


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